12 month Honey Lovers' Subscription

12 month Honey Lovers' Subscription


Love honey or know a honey lover? Keep them (or you!) supplied with British honeys straight from the hive for the next 12 months.

We send you 12 unique British honeys, with their flavours created by nature and speaking of the places and bees they’re from.

Every two months we’ll send 2 different honeys from small scale British beekeepers, complete with the beekeepers’ stories, and interesting facts about bees and honey: 12 honeys in 6 deliveries.

The first Honey Lover Subscription delivery can be sent to you, or directly to the new member(s) you’re signing up. All subsequent deliveries will be despatched to the new member in the first week of the month, at 2 monthly intervals.

We will confirm the member(s) and delivery details with you by email once we’ve received your order.

Only 7% of honey sold in the UK is British, help us get out of this sticky situation!

We deliver 2 x 244 g jars to you every 2 months, so 6 very special deliveries, and 12 jars to keep you in honey for the next 12 months.

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‘just to say thank you so much for the perfect and punctual birthday subscription I had ordered for the person who has everything, they love it and are so looking forward to the remaining deliveries! All absolutely perfect’ Cornelia, Scotland