Supporting British leather makers

We work with British artisans who take huge pride in all they make, investing their care and time into every piece. They refuse to cut corners as they make beautiful limited editions for your home.

Leather craftsmanship

Our leather goods have all been made for us by Jason Stocks-Young, a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

His workshop is in an old mill on the edge of the Pennines. I love places like this, given a new lease of life and full of creativity.

British leather

British veg tanned leather is very hard to find as other countries moved faster to veg tanning (using tree barks) than the UK who stayed with a chrome tanning process that is less environmentally friendly.

We use one of the oldest leather
suppliers in the UK. They buy high quality veg tanned leather from Italy and ‘finish’ it in Northampton using their own water based finishes, dyes and stains, avoiding solvents.

We fight against lazy sustainability by using the UK's natural materials and working with heritage industries and artisans. We find the best of them to create beautiful things things for your home.

We only produce small, limited edition runs that celebrate nature's own unique character.