It's prioritising the bees’ welfare over honey

To us sustainable beekeeping means prioritising the bees’ welfare and their environment over honey production. A honey crop can never be guaranteed as that’s determined by the weather, and we all know how unpredictable that can be!

Thankfully the weather isn’t usually so bad that the bees can’t make enough to keep their colony going over winter, but low honey harvests can encourage beekeepers to take more than they should from the bees. 

When beekeepers prioritise honey production over their bees’ welfare they’d take all that the bees have made and then feed the bees a sugar syrup to turn into honey for their winter stores. This is not sustainable beekeeping.

It's being a good custodian of our environment

There are horror stories of beekeepers simply allowing their bees to die from disease and mismanagement, while they ‘take the honey and run’. This isn’t sustainable beekeeping either…

We work with small scale British beekeepers who we visit to talk bees with and see the bees and landscapes that make each honey. All of our beekeepers are good custodians of their bees and the woodlands, meadows, gardens and fields they keep them in. They talk to local farmers, landowners, fellow allotment owners and councils to encourage planting for pollinators, sustainable woodland management and protecting the natural landscape for their bees. 

Our aim is to bring you special limited edition honeys from more and more British beekeepers: as long as they're good custodians of their bees of course!

For every 100 new Honey Club subscribers we can take on 1 more British small scale beekeeper. Have a look here to see if our subscriptions tempt you :)