About us

Hive & Keeper was founded in 2015 with the aim of bringing special, limited edition honeys to your door, and show off the bees and British beekeepers behind each of them.

Emily's Story

Hive & Keeper started with the two hives I kept in my back garden in London. It was through my beekeeping hobby that I discovered how different their honeys tasted every time I tried them.

That was a real eureka discovery moment and the spark for Hive & Keeper: I wanted to get back to the magic of nature by keeping honey taken from a hive separate to any other honey so you too get the same exciting eye-widening, tongue-thrilling discovery I had!

We're challenging large retailers' thinking

Celebrating difference goes against the grain of large retail and brands as they like consistency of flavour and supply. So they mix honeys they've sourced from large producers around the world until the blended honey tastes just the same as the rest of their honey. The sad but is that every honey in that blend has had to sacrifice it's own unique character to create something boring and bland. Thankfully Hive & Keeper seems to be proving the big retailers and brands wrong, as more and more of you vote with your feet and buy honey that's come straight from a single place, harvest and beekeeper. Nothing about it is boring, bland or even possible to repeat by us or even the bees!

Knowing where things come from matters

Provenance is at the heart of what we do as where things come from is important. How important becomes clear when you see on the side of a big brand honey jar that the honey has come from 'EU and non-EU countries'. Well that's anywhere including China where about 40% of the honey sold in the UK comes from. I hate the fact that you wouldn't know that unless you read the small print and that's why we make sure that you do know:

we visit every beekeeper and their bees and know the landscape and place that made each honey

we only take honeys from beekeepers we can see are good custodians of their bees and the environment around them

We don’t do anything other than jar and label so you’re really eating honey just as our beekeepers can, straight from the hive!

And then we tell you

We write the name of the beekeeper and where the hive is on each jar and tell you the story of the beekeepers behind each honey too.

Our British Beekeepers

We work with a growing network of small scale British beekeepers. We visit them all to talk bees and see the landscapes and bees that make each honey. All our beekeepers good custodians of their bees and the woodlands, meadows, gardens and fields they keep them in. Our aim is to bring you special honeys from more and more British beekeepers - as long as they're good custodians of their bees and environment of course.


Treading carefully on the planet matters and we're determined to keep it at the forefront of what we do:

All of our beekeepers prioritise their bees' health and well-being over honey production.

We use hay that's been grown and cut in fields around us for our gift sets (and we even get to visit at harvest time!)

All of our packaging is bought from UK suppliers to keep the carbon footprint of everything we use to a minimum.

We work with simple, local and transparent supply chains and with fellow small British businesses and people that care

Everything is 100% recyclable

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