Hive & Keeper: Keeping it Natural & British

Our story

I thought that all honey tasted ‘like honey’ – same flavour, same textures just because that was the way I was seeing it in shops.

I was wrong!

This sparked my love and appreciation of the character of every single honey.

I am passionate about championing against a culture where natural differences are ironed out so everything looks and tastes the same. It's not just boring but it disconnects us from nature and everything that's incredible about the bees that made it.

I want to lead the fight against lazy sustainability, connect producer to consumers and all of us to our planet. Giving you the opportunity to choose
nature over the homogenous.

And so Hive & Keeper was born. A curation of British limited editions, each naturally different. Championing British bees and small scale beekeepers and keeping provenance, great design, the natural world and treading lightly on the planet at the heart of what we do. 

From honey to H&K Lifestyle we keep it natural and keep it British.

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