Hive & Keeper: naturally different!

Who we are..

Hive & Keeper is a British brand that puts provenance, great design, natural materials and treading lightly on the planet at the heart of what we do. 

Every one of our limited edition collections is naturally different as we embrace the natural variation in the leathers, woods, wools and
honeys we use to make beautiful things for your home.

What we do..

Hive & Keeper’s products are made by British craftsmanship who use Britain’s natural aterials. We spend a lot of time searching for people and manufacturers who take the responsibility of producing high quality British goods, in as environmentally friendly a way as possible, as seriously as we do.

We have found small scale British beekeepers, leather makers, wood carvers, woollen mills, and potteries as well as the last British linen mill and horn works. It’s these people along with Britain’s natural resources that make Hive & Keeper.

Our Ethos..

We refuse to tick-box or to mislead you with marketing-speak that’s only sort of true, so when we say..

- it’s British, it’s entirely British – not just finished off here, or when we say..

- it’s recyclable we mean it’s easily recyclable and doesn’t need a special machine to do it!

We want to do all we can to help us tread more lightly on this poor old planet of ours. Which means:

- sourcing everything from within the UK to keep our transport miles to a minimum rather than to be transporting across continents and seas,

- designing things so they can be re-used or so they can go back to the earth at the end of their life.

A note from our Founder..

A beekeeper once said to me how sad it was that so many honeys from all over the world were just poured into a huge vat as part of mass production and as a result each honey’s unique flavour and character was lost forever. I had always assumed honey was honey until that moment.

Then Jason a leather craftsman I now work with told me that the industry norm is to use only the best parts of a leather hide and to throw away the parts with stretch marks and nicks from brambles and branches as it’s not ‘perfect’. 

I hate the fact that I’d thought all honey tasted ‘like honey’ and that all leather was flawless just because that was the way I was seeing it in shops.

I’d so much rather experience nature’s differences and appreciatethe character of each material. I want to know where things are really from and to know that I’m not part of a culture of ‘perfection’ that is leading to waste on the one hand and a disconnect from nature on the other; and so Hive &
Keeper was born: British limited editions, each naturally different.

I really hope you enjoy all we do and look forward to doing more and more over the coming years,

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