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About Us

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All our honeys are straight from the hives of small scale British beekeepers with the honeys’ flavours and characters left just as the bees made them. We don’t do anything other than jar and label so you’re really eating honey just as our beekeepers can, straight from the hive!

Provenance is vital so we visit every beekeeper and their bees and know the landscape and place that made each honey. It means we can tell each one’s story; writing the name of the beekeeper and where the hive is on each label.

We work with a network of small scale beekeepers, all of whom are good custodians of their bees and the woodlands, meadows, gardens and fields in which they keep them. Our mission is to support these beekeepers so they can continue to look after our world on our behalf.

The day the idea came to me

I can remember the moment it came to me: I was on the common enjoying the sunshine and watching bees go from flower to flower, and thinking in a wondering sort of a way about the honey each will be helping to make; the miles they fly and the millions of visits to flowers they make to collect nectars from a huge variety of flowers. Then a memory surfaced in the way that memories do of eating honey from my hives in my back garden and how different they tasted every time I tried them. That was a real eureka discovery moment and the spark for Hive & Keeper: I wanted to get back to the magic of nature by keeping honey taken from a hive separate to any other honey so you too get the same exciting eye-widening, tongue-thrilling discovery I had!

Celebrating difference goes against the grain of large retail and brands as they like consistency of flavour and supply - and they think their customers do too. Hive & Keeper seems to be proving them wrong as more and more of you vote with your feet and buy honey that has come straight from a place and a beekeeper you know, with no interference from us. And you enjoy them all, in all their myriad of flavours, colours and textures just as much as I do!

I’m now a great advocate of watching bees, gardening, walking or anything that absorbs your mind because underneath thoughts will be swirling and knotting together until they surface as an eureka moment, just like when the idea for Hive & Keeper was born.

That was back in 2014. 

Emily Abbott, Founder

sqwirly bee 1 banner.png