In May we're sending these honeys out to our Clubbers and Subscribers

Depending on your membership you'll receive, one, two or all three of these limited edition honeys this month. When they're gone they're gone!

For Clubbers who ordered 1 jar

This honey has a delicious and interesting flavour and is also darker in colour than most. The flavour very strong with a caramel/brown sugar/molasses character, reminding me of dried fruit too.

Gavin thinks that this honey's unusual character may be down to there being quite a lot of willowherb around him this year which the bees worked hard.  

His garden is surrounded by the flat Norfolk countryside with it’s huge open vistas as well as the other gardens in the village so Gavin suspects that his bees mainly visit nearby brambles and hedgerows as well as a stream and the marshy boundary he has to his garden.

.. add this one if you ordered 2 jars..

This is a rich and intensely floral honey, like orange blossom. The flavour stays for ages and develops and has a really perfumed end note, reminding me of parma violets.  I love London honey for all it's complexity and it's proving to be a firm favourite here at HQ!  

The hives are in a really lovely garden with mature fruit trees and wild borders, The Common has avenues of horse chestnut and lime trees as well as blackberry bushes.   

Sue took the honey off her bees in July, and couldn't believe how much they had made - everything must have been going their way!

... plus this one it you ordered 3 jars.

This honey has the creamy texture of clotted cream, tasting of clover and fresh green foliage - which sounds weird, but it's a honey that is more vegetal than it is fruity. It's a totally delicious honey with a complex flavour and definitely worth a try as there's only 120 jars in existence!

John keeps bees in his own garden in Hampshire, the hives are surrounded by pasture, trees, hedgerows and other rural gardens.

Until recently John combined beekeeping with shepherding; raising lambs over winter, and then beekeeping in the spring Now he’s cut back and focuses only on his bees