Recent Honeys Sent

Our Honey Club members and subscribers are being sent these two honeys this month. Next month we'll be choosing two more of our Limited Edition honeys to send out. You'll never have the same 2 honeys in a box, but you might over the year depending on availability.

1 of 240 jars from Mark's Garden, Ramsbury

This honey is from bees that Mark keeps in hos back garden in Ramsbury, Wiltshire. The garden backs onto woodland, fields and water meadows, surrounded by neighbouring gardens too so lots for the bees to forage on!

This honey was harvested the last week in July, with just enough for 240 jars taken.

This honey has a warm, caramel flavour note to it, like a traditional, old fashioned honey, but even richer.

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1 of 300 jars from Hedgerows, Holyport

This honey is from bees kept in Holyport, a village just outside Maidenhead. The bee hives are lined up along a hedge, with lime trees near by.

This honey was harvested at the end of July 2021, with just enough for 300 jars to be produced.

It's slightly darker than a spring honey would be and you can really taste the lime from the nearby Linden trees! It's got a fresh buzz and makes your mouth water!

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