Recent Honeys Sent

Some of the honeys we've sent out to our subscribers recently

Petworth, Sussex

A fresh flavoured honey from Kaz Powell and her bees kept on farmland at Petworth, Sussex By fresh, I mean a flavour that is more earthy than it is fruity or floral. This 'fresh' honey has a lovely creamy texture and came from bees kept on farmland just outside Petworth, Sussex.The farmland has been set aside and planted to wild flowers for pollinators and in 2020 summer, when this honey was taken, the bees would also have been visiting the phacelia, a cover crop that bees love and was planted over the road from them. The hives are also within striking distance of Ebernoe Nature Reserve which I visited when I went to see Kaz and took the photo of the lake there. Lucky bees, and lucky us for having a honey from such a landscape! It's stronger flavour and creamy texture made it perfect for toast and crumpets.

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Horncroft, Sussex

A fruity honey from Roger 'Bignor Bees' and the bees he keeps in woodland at Horncroft, Sussex Roger's 2020 Horncroft honey reminded me of strawberries and cream - I know! But it had the red fruit flavour notes to it, as well as the smoothness of cream that compliments the sharpness of strawberries. The 2019 honey we had from Horncroft was totally different and felt more woody, almost aromatic. I find it amazing that the same hives, kept in the same place, will produce different flavoured honeys every time. No harvest is the same and seeing how they change year on year is great fun but also a bit of a privilege as when that particular honey has all sold it really has gone, and never to be replicated. So all of our honeys are limited editions that only some of us get to taste!

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