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British honey direct from the beekeeper

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Naturally imperfect

Our raw British honeys come straight to you from our community of small scale beekeepers. We work together to bring their honeys to market so that more of us can eat locally, sustainably and healthily. We know the hedgerows, trees and gardens that have made every one of our honeys – and we tell you too. They’re unique and impossible to replicate as each one is a snapshot in time: capturing the flowers, weather and landscape it’s from.

We do nothing to it, it’s as the bees made it which means it can look less perfect than supermarket honey. Think of it as being like a knobbly carrot: perfectly imperfect where taste rather than appearance has been allowed to dominate!

We don’t heat our honey either, so all its enzymes etc are still active including the honey’s natural anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties which are good for your gut health.

We maximise the pollen in the honey too by just running it through a sieve to take out bits of bee and wax - everything else is kept; which means that in one of our 224 g / 8 oz jars they’ll be nearly 2 million pollen grains!  That’s 70 times more than in a jar from a supermarket….


Suporting British beekeepers

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Our mission

Less than 10% of honey sold in the UK is British, with 40% coming from China. Our mission is to help British small scale beekeepers and their bees to survive. However we only buy from those beekeepers who are good custodians of their bees and our natural environment.

We want you to enjoy discovering unique British honeys and learning the story behind each one, all the while supporting our great British beekeepers and bees.


Perfect Provenance

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Totally honest

Knowing exactly where food is from and how it got into the food chain is important, so we label every jar with the name of the beekeeper, where the hive is and the honey's main natural flavour note (fruity, floral etc.).  We visit the beekeepers and their bees, it means we can guarantee that the honey really is straight from the hive and untouched by human hands.

Enjoy discovering unique British honeys and all the while supporting British beekeepers and bees.


‘‘The  honey is absolutely delicious!!!"

— Chantelle Nicholson, Chef Patron, Tredwells


working with chefs

We and our beekeepers take huge pride in our honey so having it used by chefs who appreciate its flavours, provenance and natural quality makes us very happy!

At the moment restaurants as diverse as Ikoyi, a restaurant in St James’ London that takes its inspiration from West Africa and Rudding Park, a country hotel and spa near Harrogate, Yorkshire, are using our honeys and inspired by their flavours.

Our honeys for chefs are available from FoodChain or contact us directly to organise samples, or tastings.

"That was incredible honey"

— @felicityspector