Supporting British linen mills

Linen used to be one of the UK's main industries but has declined due to cheaper imports. We want to support British heritage industries and reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing everything closer to home.

Irish linen

Linen is made from the stems of the flax plant which thrives in our weather. As nylon and cotton became fashionable and cheaper we stopped growing flax for linen in the UK.

Fortunately flax is still grown in Northern Europe and is much more sustainable than cotton, which needs a lot of watering, and transport miles to import.

The linen mill

Ferguson's, based in Banbridge, Northern Ireland is now the last remaining British mill from linen's hay day, established in 1854. It's from here that we source our linens.

The flax yarn they use to weave into the linen cloth is from Northern Europe with the producers being able to tell the mill the exact field it’s from for full traceability from field to loom.

We fight against lazy sustainability by using the UK's natural materials and working with heritage industries and artisans. We find the best of them to create beautiful things things for your home.

We only produce small, limited edition runs that celebrate nature's own unique character.