Supporting the British wool industry

To be labelled 'Made in the UK' your product just has to be assembled and finished here. To be labelled 'British Wool' it has to be 100% British wool - but not necessarily made here. Our woollen textiles are totally British from start to finish.

British wool

We use 100% British Shetland grade wool, bought from the British Wool Council. The Council is a co-operative which collects, grades, markets and sells British wool on behalf of its 35,000 British sheep farmer members.

Wool is both renewable, biodegradable, long lasting, resistant to staining, anti-static and naturally hypoallergenic.

The British mills

Our throws are woven in Huddersfield using 100% British wool. We’ve also found a British mill that’s still producing tweeds made from 100% Shetland wool.

For our tweeds, the fleeces come from the Shetland Islands and the yarns spun on the Scottish mainland. The tweeds are then designed and woven at Lovat’s mill at Hawick in the Scottish borders.

We fight against lazy sustainability by using the UK's natural materials and working with heritage industries and artisans. We find the best of them to create beautiful things things for your home.

We only produce small, limited edition runs that celebrate nature's own unique character.