Supporting British potteries

Cornwall has the largest deposits of china clay in the world but the industry has declined due to cheaper imports. We want to support British potteries and reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing everything from within the UK

Cornish clay mines

China clay has been mined in Cornwall for more than 250 years. The ‘Cornish Alps’ around St Austell are huge volcano shaped mounds of white clay deposits.

The china clay pit lakes are different shades of blue and green as the minerals in them catch the light. Our design is inspired by them.

The Pottery

Our bone china mugs are made out of Cornish clay for us by Duchess China which is one of the remaining potteries in Stoke. They were founded in 1888 and are still going strong.

It takes about a week to make one of our mugs, with skilled craftsmanship involved at every stage. Over 20 pairs of hands can touch a single product during its manufacture.

We fight against lazy sustainability by using the UK's natural materials and working with heritage industries and artisans. We find the best of them to create beautiful things things for your home.

We only produce small, limited edition runs that celebrate nature's own unique character.