Supporting green woodworking

We work with British artisans who take huge pride in all they make, investing their care and time into every piece. They refuse to cut corners as they make beautiful limited editions for your home.

Hand carving

Green woodworking means working with hand tools on wood that still has moisture in it.

As a result Amy can use wood sourced directly from tree surgeons, woodland management etc. rather than having to buy pre-cut and dried selections from a sawmill.

Amy first carves roughly to
the final size; then the finishing cuts are usually done once the wood is fully dried and will no longer change. 

British wood

Amy has carved utensils for us from birch and sycamore. Because birch is quick growing, self seeded younger birch trees are thinned out to let in more light for the slower growing oak and ash trees.

Our birch comes from her friend’s sustainably managed woodland near Benenden in Kent.

The sycamore came from a farmer in Tenterden, Kent who sustainably manages the woodland that’s been in his family for generations. 

We fight against lazy sustainability by using the UK's natural materials and working with heritage industries and artisans. We find the best of them to create beautiful things things for your home.

We only produce small, limited edition runs that celebrate nature's own unique character.