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Help us to support another beekeeper and bring you their honeys

We work with small scale British beekeepers who keep their bees in back gardens, allotments, woodlands and field edges across the UK. We're very proud of them so we include a beekeeper card to tell you more about the person behind your honey.

John, a Hampshire beekeeper

We have raw honey from bees John keeps on the edge of fields and at the bottom of his garden in rural Hampshire.

John used to combine beekeeping with shepherding; raising lambs over winter, and then beekeeping in the spring. He has an engineering mind and helped design farm machinery that’s still in use today.

Sue, a London beekeeper

Sue has been keeping bees in London for around 10 years. We have raw honey from bees she keeps in a South West London back garden.

A gardener by trade, she took up beekeeping as a hobby following in her father’s footsteps with the smell of the wax and beehives bringing back happy childhood memories.

Gavin, Norfolk beekeeper

We have raw honey from these hives that Gavin keeps in his back garden in his garden in Garvestone, a village in Norfolk. Nigel has been keeping bees for 40 years, since persuading his parents to let him have some as a young boy.

Gavin used to be a scientist for the NHS, he’s very keen on recycling things so he uses the polystyrene boxes his scientific samples were sent to him in at work as insulated roofs for his hives.

Eduard, a Berkshire & Buckinghamshire beekeeper

We have three of Eduard’s raw honeys: one from bees he keeps at Holyport, Berkshire  as well as two others from PYO farms at Cookham, Berkshire and Iver, Bucks.

Eduard's originally from Moldovia and has been beekeeping in the UK for nearly 10 years. He's also a carpenter and builds all his own hives and equipment, while his wife helps him with running the business and looking after their young children.

Howard, a Forest of Dean beekeeper

We have a honey from Howard's bees he keeps in his rural back garden, with the original Blasidon Plum orchard just over the hedge.

The first Blaisdon plum tree was apparently discovered in a hedge in Blasidon village in 1892.  They're pretty rare now so plant one if you can!

John & Gayle, Sussex beekeepers

We have a raw honey from John and Gayle's bees that they keep on the edge of trees overlooking their wild flower meadows and lake at Rotherfield, Sussex.

John turned his farmland into fishing lakes back in the early 80’s and created a beautiful landscape. Gayle’s passion has been creating the wildflower meadows to give a wild habitat for all our pollinators.

Matthew, a Staffordshire beekeeper

We have honey from the bees kept in fields on Matthew's family farm at Tamworth, just on the border of Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

Matthew started beekeeping at University. He taught himself at the start by watching lots of videos and then a season spent working on a bee farm in Australia that gave him the confidence to go for it!

Claudine, a Dorset beekeeper

We have honey from bees that Claudine keeps in a friend's rural garden at Canford Magna.

Claudine started beekeeping just a few years ago, her family’s love of honeycomb driving her to it!  She’s the only beekeeper I know who paints her hives to reflect their environment like these she's camouflaged!

Nigel, a Norfolk beekeeper

We have this raw honey from the bees Nigel keeps in woodland, Fritton Woods, Norfolk. Nigel works as a prison officer and keeps bees as a hobby.

He used to keep bees in the prison grounds before moving them to this quiet patch of ancient woodland.

Thomas, a Yorkshire beekeeper

We have raw honey from hives that Thomas keeps around his Granddad's home in Walton, Yorkshire.

He started beekeeping during lockdown. He gives his bees their own patch as he likes the idea of each hive having it's own special, secluded spot.

Stuart, a Sussex beekeeper

We have two honeys that Stuart took from the same bees, but at different times. 

He's been interested in bees for ages, as a young teenager he was helping out a local bee farmer in Sussex. He's been helping Ashling Park Estate with their bees.

I love meeting the beekeepers behind each of our honeys and really enjoy their company and learning more about what they do. I leave knowing I'm buying honey you can trust.