UK Honey Subscriptions (save up to 30%)
UK Honey Subscriptions (save up to 30%)
UK Honey Subscriptions (save up to 30%)
UK Honey Subscriptions (save up to 30%)

UK Honey Subscriptions (save up to 30%)

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Our honey subscriptions are perfect for those who enjoy having honeys from beekeepers across the UK delivered straight to the door. Our subscribers love opening their honey box and discovering new honeys.

We do nothing to our honeys so they really are just as the bees made them and with less than 500 jars of each honey produced, they're a rare treat for our subscribers to enjoy!

  • Limited edition British honeys from small scale beekeepers
  • Size of jars: 224g / 8oz
  • Delivery: Every 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 months, you choose
  • Number of jars each delivery: 1, 2, 3 or 4 you choose 
  • Free postage and the story of the beekeepers

We carefully select 2 different limited edition British honeys to be sent to our subscribers each month, so:

  • if you order 3 jars you'll get a jar of one honey and 2 of the other one.
  • those who've ordered 4 jars for a honey hungry household will be sent 2 jars of each honey in each delivery. 


We know exactly where each honey as come from as we meet every beekeeper to chat and visit the bees and landscapes that make each honeyOn each label we write:

  • the beekeeper’s name
  • where the hives are that made the honey
  • how many jars of the honey have been produced

    Our beekeepers are very proud of that they and their bees have achieved, and so are we – which is why we enjoy making them the star of the show!


    Our Beekeepers

    We work with small scale British beekeepers who we visit to talk bees with and see the bees and landscapes that make each honey.

    All of our beekeepers…

    • are good custodians of their bees and the woodlands, meadows, gardens and fields they keep them in.
    • talk to local farmers, landowners, fellow allotment owners and councils to encourage planting for pollinators, sustainable woodland management and protecting the natural landscape for their bees.

    Our aim is to bring you special limited edition honeys from more and more British beekeepers: as long as they're good custodians of their bees of course!

    Our Packaging

    Our jars and labels are all British sourced to keep our transport miles and carbon footprint low. The labels can easily peel off the jars once you’ve finished so you can re-use the jar and extend its useful life. 

    Our honeys are safely packed in Yorkshire hay and British sourced cardboard boxes, Opening the box is a treat with the sweet smell of summer and our honeys nestling inside.


    We’ll do all we can to send you as wide a variety of honey as possible. This usually means it’s rare to get the same honey delivered to you more than twice over the course of a year. However it can happen, especially if the honey harvest is poor due to the weather. We will never take honey that the bees need, so it has been know that we suffer instead and have had to send out the last of our limited edition honeys to people who had already had them. Not a major hardship as they’re delicious but important to say!

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