What does raw honey mean?


Raw honey is honey that's left as close to the way bees made it as possible: so all the beekeeper does is slice the wax capping the bees use to cover the honey off so it can be spun out of the frame in the equivalent of a large salad spinner! 


The beekeeper keeps processing to a minimum

As the 'salad spinner' equivalent spins the honey flies out of the frames and drips down the sides of the extractor, collecting at the bottom, ready for the tap to be opened and for the honey to flow through a wide mesh sieve taking bits of bee and wax out.  That's it.

All of our honeys have been taken from the hive like this and then jarred and left to do their thing...  They really are as close to how the bees made them as we can get.

raw honey has a high pollen content

I learnt on a pollen course that in honey that's been extracted and sieved to take out bits of bee there's around 1,200,000 pollen grains in a 224 g (8 oz) jar.  In a honey that's been pressure filtered  to stop crystallization there's a million less. 

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