Championing British honey

All About the Honey

Did you know that only 7% of the honey sold in the UK is from British bees? Nearly all the honey we buy is from abroad, with a staggering 40% from China. The majority of honey in our shops is filled with a blend of different imported honeys designed to keep the flavour constant from  jar to jar. It’s a bland honey and hides all that’s amazing about it. Hive & Keeper is on a mission to change this.

We support British beekeepers by selling unique honeys that are specific to a single apiary and harvest, and by introducing us all to the real (and varied) taste, colours and textures of British honey when it’s taken straight from the hive. 

Treating Bees Like heroes

I'm a beekeeper at heart so I only buy honey from beekeepers I've visited and knows look after their bees well, putting their welfare ahead of honey production and corner cutting. I make sure that all bees are looked after respectfully, and treated like the true heroes they are. 

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I love this illustration: it's a bee on a dandelion and done for me by Yelena Aleksic, a 2nd year Illustration student at Sussex.  Find her on instagram @ilustrationsby_nura

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