Steve Newins, Clapham, London

Steve and I started our beekeeping careers together and were on the same London Beekeepers Association training weekend about 5 years ago. We are often sharing the ups and downs of our beekeeping. His bees have been more prolific than mine, they clearly enjoy the back garden!  Every summer Steve can barely keep up with how quickly his bees fill up the supers with honey - so he's taking the super off the hive, extracting the honey and then getting the super back to the bees to fill up again... the joys of juggling work and beekeeping!  

Us London beekeepers are very proud of our honey with many claiming it's more complex in taste than any from the countryside, simply because there is such a variety of forage available from Spring though to Autumn as they visit gardens, parks, railway sidings and allotments across the city. Steve's honey is very floral, complex and hints of honeysuckle too - a great example of London honey.

Emily Abbott1 Comment