The Woodlands Gift Set

The Woodlands Gift Set


A gift from our country’s beautiful woodlands and trees, with a spoon and spreader hand carved for us from a beech tree that blew down in a woodland in Sussex.  The photo shows it fallen – that’s the tree your spoon and spreader are from!

In the gift set are also two limited edition honeys from bees that have foraged in ancient woodlands and protected wooded areas, producing honeys that reflect the place they’re from.

One is a floral honey from bees that Kaz Powell keeps in ancient woodland in Pulborough, Sussex.  The other honey is more caramelly in flavour and from bees that the Rudlands keep on Kenley Common, Surrey. It’s land owned by the City of London, with wooded areas and wild flower meadows.  

The Woodland Gift Set comes in a gift box and also includes information cards about each beekeeper. It really is a joy to open and to discover the beauty and feel of the beech wood and the incredible flavours of the honeys: each one is completely natural, straight from the hive, just spun out, and put through a sieve - nothing added or taken out. No blending or heating. It means the honeys are all intact and as the bees intended.

2 x 224 g jars and a hand carved beech spoon and spreader presented in a gift box.

To make the spoons and spreaders for us, Amy used an axe to rough cut each one (see the photo) and then refined the shape with a knife. She used a curved knife for the inside of the spoon bowls. They have been oiled with food grade linseed (flaxseed) oil, and can be re-oiled if desired using food grade linseed, walnut or grape oil

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