Recommended for Porridge

Recommended for Porridge

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We’ve selected one of our UK raw honey to be our ‘Good with porridge’ honey as it’s natural flavours and texture are just perfect for pouring or stirring into your morning porridge, or yogurt.

To be a good pairing with porridge we choose honeys that:

  • have good, strong and long lasting flavour notes
  • can be easily stirred in
  • Make porridge and yogurt taste even better
  • And are so much more than ‘normal honey’.

Every one of our honeys come from UK small-scale beekeepers who all have high standards of care for their bees and environment.

They are the best raw honeys you can find as you’re eating exactly the same honey as the beekeeper does when they try it straight from the comb!

Our raw British honeys will come by Royal Mail in one of our boxes, packed in Yorkshire hay, no plastic, all recyclable and UK-made as treading lightly on the planet matters. On the side of each honey we write:

  • the name of the beekeeper
  • the type of place they keep their bees in, from garden to hedgerow
  • where in the UK they're based
  • how many jars of the honey have been produced (always less than 500 as they're small scale and limited edition).

We also pop the stories of the beekeepers in for you!

Learn more about our small scale beekeepers >

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