Meet Our Beekeepers

I love meeting the people behind each of our honeys, discovering different parts of the country and hearing their stories of why they started beekeeping and how their seasons have been. I can't believe how incredibly friendly and generous they all are with their time, inviting me in for cups of tea and taking me to visit their apiaries. I learn so much from them and really do have my eyes opened even wider to the world around us, and all this is captured by the bees in their incredible honeys. I absolutely love my road trips!

But not only are the road trips fun, they're also incredibly important as it's only by visiting and talking to our beekeepers that we can be sure that they really are prioritising the environment and their bees' health over honey production, and that the honey we buy from them is honey you can trust. 

Our mission is to grow the number of small scale British beekeepers we work with. For every 100 new subscribers we can take one 1 more beekeeper on - have a look here to see if our subscriptions tempt you :)

Just click on our beekeepers' photos below to learn more about them and their bees.