We get raw honey from John and Gayle in Sussex, UK

The Schumachers

John and Gayle have been beekeeping for over 6 years, It’s a hobby that started due to Gayle's persistent and heavy hints, giving John a book on beekeeping every Christmas! They’re now part of our environmentally friendly and ethical small scale beekeepers. We have raw honey from the bees they keep in their wild flower meadows

John turned his farmland into fishing lakes back in the early 80’s and created a beautiful landscape. Gayle’s passion has been creating the wildflower meadows to give a wild habitat for all our pollinators. She’s rightly proud of the huge range of plant and insect diversity the meadows now support. You'd think the bees had always been there, they're a perfect companion to the vibrant wildflower meadows and the lakes' banks.

Grasmere Gather

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The Sherborne

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