We get raw honey from Eduard in Surrey, UK

Eduard Birsan

Eduard has been beekeeping in the UK for over 5 years after moving here from Moldovia He keeps over 100 hives now across several apiaries and is one of our environmentally friendly and ethical small scale beekeepers. We have two of Eduard’s raw honeys, one from bees he keeps on the outskirts of Maidenhead, Berkshire UK just over the hedge by a footpath and a row of lime trees as well as honey from the bees he keeps in his garden at Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey, UK that backs on to Shortwood Common, a site of special scientific interest (SSI).

Eduard only uses sustainable beekeeping methods to produce his raw honey, we entered it into the Great Taste Awards in 2018 and he won a star, just goes to show that honey doesn’t need human interference to make it taste great, leaving it just as the bees made it is just perfect! 

Eduard is also a carpenter and builds all his own hives and equipment, including the container below which means several colonies can live happily side by side and be easily moved around fields or to an over-wintering site if need be. It’s a practice he bought with him from Moldova and seems like a very cunning plan to me! Doing all this is a 2 man job, so he employs someone to help him and to learn the trade, while his wife helps him with running the business and looking after their young children. I love visiting them as I always get a very warm and friendly welcome and enjoy catching up on their family (and bee) news!

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