Our Subscription Promises

We promise that:

  • By becoming one of our Honey Club Subscribers you're helping us to support small scale British beekeepers and to help even more beekeepers over the coming year.
  • You'll experience the amazing diversity of honey and get to appreciate the incredible work of our bees, and how each honey they make is a reflection of the place, flowers and landscape they were foraging in - as well as their own hive's nutritional needs as their colony grows.
  • We never blend or mix honeys, even those from the same beekeeper to make a 'Summer Honey' or 'Yorkshire honey' for example.
  • All our honeys are left completely as the bees intended, nothing has been added so their colours, flavours, and textures are totally natural. 
  • Less than 500 jars will have been produced of each honey we send you - totally unique limited editions that only you and a few others will ever get to try!

We guarantee that In every box you’ll find:

  • Limited Edition British honeys that we’ve personally chosen on our visits to small scale British beekeepers
  • The story of the beekeepers behind each honey
  • Honey packed in sweet smelling hay from our local fields as part of our mission to be as sustainable as possible
Our Rolling Subscription
For honey lovers and people who enjoy learning about the beekeepers
The Honey Gift Subscription
Our Honey Club subscription makes a brilliant gift! It’s unusual, fun to open & incredibly tasty!