Our Subscription Promise

In every box you’ll find:
· Honeys we’ve personally chosen on our visits to small scale British beekeepers
· Two honeys that are like snapshots in time, reflecting the bees, flowers and place that made each one
· Honeys the beekeeper has taken from a single apiary on a particular day, so you’re tasting the honey straight from the hive just as the beekeeper can
· Raw honeys that the beekeepers have spun from the frame, run through a sieve to take out bits of wax, and then we’ve jarred it. And left them alone. That’s it. As close to how the bees made them as we can get.
· The story of the beekeepers responsible for each honey
All packed in sweet smelling hay from local fields
Our Rolling Subscription
For honey lovers and people who enjoy learning about the beekeepers
The Honey Gift Subscription
Our Honey Club subscription makes a brilliant gift! It’s unusual, fun to open & incredibly tasty!