Honey Club Gift Subscriptions

Our Honey Club members get to discover Limited Edition honeys from different small scale British beekeepers over the course of 6 or 12 months.
6 month's Honey Club

Our 6 month members will receive two different Limited Edition honeys (each one 224g / 8 oz) every two months for 6 months, so a total of 6 honeys.

We include a 'Welcome to the Honey Club' card telling them all about their gift and will happily add a hand written gift tag too if you let us know at checkout what you'd like to say.

12 month's Honey Club

Our 12 Month Honey Club members receive two different honeys (each one 224g / 8 oz) every two months over 12 months, so a total of 12 honeys.

Not only can we write out a gift tag for you, but we can also delay posting until nearer their Birthday etc, or even send the first delivery to you so you can hand it over. Let us know in the comments box at checkout and we'll sort it all out!

Deliver To You Or Recipient?

We can deliver the first honeys to you if you’d like to wrap them and hand them over yourself. Tell us in the comments box at checkout if you'd like the first delivery to go to you and the subsequent ones straight to the Honey Club member and we'll sort it out (make sure you tell us their name and address too!) Alternatively if all deliveries are to go straight to the lucky recipient, just give us their address as the 'send to' address at checkout.

Can you post it closer to their birthday for me?

Yes, we can hold your order until nearer the time if they like and we'll post the first their first delivery by 1st class post, a few days beforehand to give us a little leeway with the post. Again, just tell us in the comments box at checkout