We get raw honey from Chris near Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Chris White

Chris lives near Gloucester, Gloucestershire and is one of our environmentally friendly and ethical small scale beekeepers. We have a raw honey from bees he keeps at Dymock Woods, an ancient woodland surrounded by farmland a few miles from his home.

Chris has been beekeeping for over 6 years after finding a couple of hives in the garden of his new house. He now keeps about 60 hives across apiaries in Gloucestershire, including Dymock Woods and also runs beekeeping courses from his home apiary which I bet are really interesting as he certainly knows his stuff!. I loved my visit there, spending the afternoon walking around the woods and hearing how Chris managed them so that they , and his bees, flourished.ย  He also told me that an Oak tree takes 300 ears to grow, 300 years as a mature tree, and then 300 years to slowly die. The Oaks in his woodland seemed incredibly majestic and you wonder what theyโ€™ve seen during their life time!