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UK Raw Honey - Good in Tea

We’ve selected this UK raw honey to be our ‘Good in tea’ honey as its natural flavours are perfect for sweetening a hot drink or even in cooking as a sugar substitute. To be a good pairing with tea we choose honeys that are naturally sweeter than others and that have a flavour that won’t dominate, but instead compliment.

Raw honey makes a good natural sweetener as it is twice as effective as refined sugar, so you can half the amount you use and get the same level of sweetness.

We only buy the best raw honey from UK small-scale beekeepers who can show us exactly where the bees that made the honey live. They also have to be environmentally friendly and ethical by only taking the extra raw honey that their bees have made. 

All of our pure UK honeys are completely unique in flavour, reflecting the landscape and hive that each one came from. They are the best raw honeys you can find as you’re eating exactly the same honey as the beekeeper does when they try it straight from the comb! Absolutely nothing has been done to it since the beekeeper spun the honey out of the frame. Our honeys are pure and raw; unheated, unblended and unpasteurized so that all their active ingredients and character remain intact, with at least 70 times more pollen in them than in a supermarket honey.  Raw honey is a good sugar alternative and also very good for your gut health and tickly coughs.