Sustainable leather-making

We buy one hide of leather, a shoulder, and use it all, producing a unique limited edition from it. I love seeing the nicks and stretch marks in the leather, a hint of our cow’s time in the field, and a life we’ll celebrate by embracing it’s natural imperfections!

Ours is an unusual approach to leather work, as most brands only accept ‘perfect’ leather for their products, which means cutting out all the natural variation that makes a hide characterful and unique.  It’s a huge waste, and a shame.

We use a linen thread for the stitching which is so much more sustainable than using cotton, and in bright colours it looks great. Jason rubs the linen thread with beeswax before he sews. 

Jason uses a plant-based cream and a natural gel to buff the leather and protect it – like a skin moisturiser, which makes sense as that is what leather is. Like our skin the leather will age and darken as its melanin tans in the sunlight giving it its own unique and naturally different patina and character.