Honey from fields at Holyport, Berkshire
Honey from fields at Holyport, Berkshire

Honey from fields at Holyport, Berkshire

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This honey is more savoury than others, though its end note is sweet. To me it’s more vegetal, hay and greenery though with a fruity peachy flavour note too. I’m becoming addicted to it!

Limited edition: 1 of 404 jars

Size: 224g / 8oz jars

The story of the beekeeper included


Just 404 jars of this honey were produced by bees that Eduard keeps by the edge of fields. The hives are protected by hedgerows and a line of lime trees which the bees will have been foraging on. This year the farmer was growing lucerne and field beans in nearby fields which the bees will have been enjoying too.

Eduard has been beekeeping for over 10 years and has bees doted across several apiaries. His bees are all doing well and their numbers are growing so his wife helps him too with the business side of things while he’s out beekeeping. In the winter months he works as a carpenter and also builds all his own hives and equipment. I love visiting them as I always get a very warm and friendly welcome and enjoy catching up on their family (and bee) news!


We work with small scale British beekeepers who we visit to talk bees with and see the bees and landscapes that make each honey. All of our beekeepers are good custodians of their bees and the woodlands, meadows, gardens and fields they keep them in. They talk to local farmers, landowners, fellow allotment owners and councils to encourage planting for pollinators, sustainable woodland management and protecting the natural landscape for their bees.  Our aim is to bring you special limited edition honeys from more and more British beekeepers: as long as they're good custodians of their bees of course!

Our jars and labels are all British sourced to keep our transport miles and carbon footprint low. We absorb the extra cost  


Free 2nd class postage and packing to anywhere in the UK.

Our honeys are safely packed in Yorkshire hay and British sourced cardboard boxes, Opening the box is a treat with the sweet smell of summer and our jar of honey nestling inside.

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