We get Surrey and Kent UK raw honey from David and Celia

David & Celia Rudland

David and Celia are a husband and wife team who started beekeeping over 13 years ago and are now one of our environmentally friendly and ethical small scale beekeepers. We have raw honey, from the bees they keep at their home apiary as well as two other raw honeys from bees they keep on strawberry and raspberry fruit farms.

David used to be a tree surgeon and Celia a math’s teacher, before they gave it all up and became beekeepers, Now they have several apiaries across Surrey and Kent, including their home apiary with the friendly geese wondering around!  

They run a lot of training courses for beginners as well as mentoring our future commercial beekeepers, as part of the Bee Farmer Association’s young apprentice scheme, They’re both  incredibly knowledgeable, as well as great communicators – which doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with being a beekeeper!