4 honeys a month (15% off)

4 honeys a month (15% off)

27.00 every month

15% off the single jar price for monthly subscribers: you’ll receive 4 x 224 g (8 oz) jars each month.

Treat you and your family to a delicious, healthy treat!  Raw honey is a fabulous food, a proven prebiotic and anti-inflammatory food that’s also helped to ease hayfever symptoms for many.

You’ll be supporting the UK’s small scale beekeepers as they face stiff competition from cheap honey imports (40% of the honey sold in the UK is from China and is mixed with honey from all over the world!). We’re different as we tell you exactly where ours is from, writing who the beekeeper is and where the hives are on each jar. There’s nothing but the honey those bees made in the jar, with human interference kept to a minimum so that each one is perfectly, naturally, imperfect: truly honey you can trust.