Philippa Davis, Chef

Philippa Davis is a freelance private chef and food writer (@philippadavis_privatechef) . Having  trained at the The River Cafe and Moro restaurants in London she now travels the world cooking for a host of high profile clients. 

She’s the food columnist for The Field magazine and writes a blog, Philippa Davis  Postcard Recipes, which shares stories and  recipes from her work as a travelling chef. 

Philippa has a brilliant talent for finding local foodie delights, cooking staples and traditions and then blending them all in recipe ideas that are easy, unusual (but not weird!), and delicious. I love giving her different honeys and seeing what she creates with them, It's a huge compliment when a chef wants to use your honey - they don't like rubbish!

Here are recipes from Phillipa to inspire you to cook with pure raw honey that bring out it's natural caramel, floral, fruity, spicy or fresh flavours.

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