What does limited edition honey mean?


No two honeys taste the same: they are always unique and limited editions, because the combination of visits to over a million flowers that make a jar of honey will be totally unique and impossible to replicate exactly again. We celebrate this uniqueness by only putting honey from one apiary and one harvest in the jar. So when a honey has gone, it's gone!

Our honeys are raw, which means all that's happened to them is that they've been taken off the hive, spun out (in the equivalent of a large salad spinner) and then put through a wide mesh sieve to take out wax and bee – but keep in everything else.  

None of them are heat treated or pasteurised so they will all crystalise naturally, which in itself is a sign of purity. Crystalisation will happen at different speeds, and form different textures - from the grainy to the smooth: but it will happen.  if you prefer runny honey then gntly heat the crystalised honey to no more that 35 degrees and it will return to liquid, with all the enzymes and antioxidants still active when you use it.  

We label every jar telling you where the hive is and the name of the beekeeper who looked after these bees and harvested the honey.  All of our beekeepers only take honey from their bees if the bees have enough left to keep them going for winter.

Emily AbbottComment