British beekeepers & honey

We eat very little British honey

Less than 10% of the honey sold in the UK is from British bees, nearly all the honey we buy is from abroad: 40% from China. Most of the jars we buy are filled with a blend of different imported honeys designed to keep the flavour constant from jar to jar to jar.  

Hive & Keeper's mission

Our mission is to buck this trend by:

  • bringing the fun of discovering the variety of British honeys to people
  • giving small scale British beekeepers a platform to sell their honey through
  • showing off the unique honeys our bees and beekeepers have made.

Supporting British beekeepers and our bees

There’s an estimated 44,000 beekeepers looking after 230,000 hives in the UK for whom beekeeping is a passion, with their invaluable work helping to protect our natural environment for generations to come.

Hive & Keeper brings you British honey from these beekeepers and their bees living in the gardens, allotments, fields and urban spaces that we pass every day.

Emily AbbottComment