Bringing back that real honey taste


The Hive & Keeper bees live all around the country: some are kept in gardens, others in allotments, wildflower meadows, woods or on farms and heather moors across the UK, from Sussex to North Yorkshire. Hive & Keeper honeys are straight from the hive, simply spun out of the frame, and then run through a wide mesh sieve and jarred, nothing’s added or taken away, it’s just as the bees intended! 

Honey’s vary dramatically in flavour, colour and texture, depending on when it was taken from the hive. Each variety of honey reflects the combination of millions of visits to flowers that went into its making, affected by the weather and what the colony’s dietary needs were at the time. No two honeys are ever the same, or possible to replicate. I love seeing the look on people’s faces as they try our honeys and discover for the first time that not all honey tastes the same!  Our honey club is a way for us to bring this experience into people’s homes. Find it here

Emily AbbottComment