Hive & Keeper's Mission:

Did you know that only 7% of the honey sold in the UK is from British bees?

Nearly all the honey we buy is from abroad, with a staggering 40% from China. The majority of honey in our shops is filled with a blend of different imported honeys designed to keep the flavour constant from  jar to jar. It’s a bland honey and hides all that’s amazing about it. Hive & Keeper is on a mission to change this.

The number of bee hives in the UK is down 18% from 2014 to 2016, and we're predicted to loose 6,000 beekeepers between 2017-19.

Our mission is two pronged, both aims are dependent upon the other:

·         To help small scale British beekeepers and their bees grow by giving them a route to a national market that celebrates them and their honeys.

·         To bring the fun and amazement of discovery by introducing people to each honey’s aroma, flavour, colour and texture and connect them to the place and bees that each honey speaks of. This is where we got the facts from: The European Commission Agriculture and Rural Affairs 'beekeeping and honey' and their report 'EU honey Market Situation in 2017'

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Emily Abbott, founder of Hive & Keeper Ltd explains what it's all about