Hive & Keeper's Mission:

Did you know that only 7% of the honey sold in the UK is from British bees?

Nearly all the honey we buy is from abroad, with a staggering 40% from China. The majority of honey in our shops is filled with a blend of different imported honeys designed to keep the flavour constant from  jar to jar. It’s a bland honey and hides all that’s amazing about it. Hive & Keeper is on a mission to change this.

The number of bee hives in the UK is down 18% from 2014 to 2016, and we're predicted to loose 6,000 beekeepers between 2017-19.

Hive & Keeper are supporting numerous British beekeepers by:

  • selling their unique honeys that are specific to a single apiary and harvest; be it from bees kept in gardens, allotments, woodlands or farms.
  • championing the real (and varied) taste, colours and textures of British honey when it’s taken straight from the hive, it's time to appreciate our own home-grown honeys and the bees and beekeepers behind them.

This is where we got the facts from: The European Commission Agriculture and Rural Affairs 'beekeeping and honey' and their report 'EU honey Market Situation in 2017'

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Emily Abbott, founder of Hive & Keeper Ltd explains what it's all about
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