Hive & Keeper's honey club

For me the most exciting thing about our honeys is how different they are from each other.  They even behave differently which gives a variety of textures from the grainy to the very runny.  This was bought home to me with my own hives this year: despite being positioned just a few feet apart and having the same forage area, each colony produced a totally different honey.   People get seriously blown away by it!  

So the Honey Club was born, allowing me to take you on a tour of British honeys from our beekeepers and hives.  This how it works:

  • A jar of pure, raw untreated honey delivered to your door every 2 months. Every time it will be a new honey from a different apiary and location, but all from one of our fantastic local beekeepers
  • Each jar is a limited edition: with over a million visits to flowers going into a 344 g (12 oz) jar they’re impossible to replicate, no one else will be eating the same as you!
  • Each honey comes with information telling you about the local beekeeper who cares for the bees, when the honey was taken and the forage the bees would have been visiting to make your jar of honey

People love it, and here's some of the emails I get:

' Just a quick note to say thank you, my Aunt and Uncle are REALLY enjoying the honey. I get a full report every time a new batch is delivered'  Andrew

'My Mum is really enjoying the honey. I'm a little jealous!' Chris

'We just wanted to let you know we are loving the honey from Hive & Keeper that we were bought for Christmas. What a fantastic idea and so nice to hear about the keepers producing the honey and the flavours' Jane

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