Sylvia Pettitt, Sulfolk


Sylvia Pettitt has two different apiaries.  She took up beekeeping when she retired about 14 years ago, she became a Bee Inspector too, checking the health of apiaries in the area. She's lucky to have a practical family on hand, with her husband and grandchildren all tackling the mountains of woodwork with her, helping her to make up the frames that go in the hives. One of her honeys is from Barnadiston near Haverhill. It’s a summer honey, taken from the hive in August when  main forage would have been lime, field bean and oil seed rape (which gives it the pale colour).  My band of tasters thought that this honey had a fresh nutty taste, with people mentioning eucalyptus, jasmine, woody and caramel too. Sylvia’s other honey is from her apiary kept at stables in Newmarket.  This one was taken from the hives early July and has a definite caramel taste.

Emily AbbottComment