Sue, London


Sue has been keeping bees for 6 years, and has them in a neighbour's back garden by Tooting Common in SW London and on allotments in Chislehurst. I loved visiting the apiaries with Sue, not only did she take me to lovely places but she's a professional gardener so was pointing out all of the plants the bees visited - including goat willow which I didn't realise was another name for pussy willow.  It's a great source of early pollen for the bees to help them build up in Spring.  At the allotments in Chislehurst, a leafy SE London suburb. every plot was bursting with fruit and life, and all so green and fresh after the rain we'd had.  Bountiful is the word that sprung to mind! And these photos show you why.  Apparently the allotment owners put much of this year's bounty down to the bees pollinating so well; crops are up for everyone. I even saw bees on the squash flowers so I reckon the bees can claim these beauties too!  The gardener has had to construct a bamboo frame to support the growing squash....

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