Paul Vassey, Grasby, Lincolnshire


Paul started beekeeping 15 years ago, and it's turned from a hobby with 1 hive to a 'hobby' with 50 hives!  He's a builder by trade, juggling work with his beekeeping. Instead of being a golf widow, his wife's a bee widow, with Paul spending his weekends checking his bees - including some he takes up to Helmsley moor for the heather in July / August. Paul was telling me how Lincolnshire used to grow a lot of borage; a blue flowered plant grown for its oils that bees love and makes a delicious pale, straw coloured honey. Now the yellow fields of oil seed rape dominate, but Paul has found some and takes some of his bees to the borage fields to enjoy the crop.

Paul's braver than me, he almost welcomes stings - saying that the bee venom is good for creaky joints. I'm happy to take his word for it rather than put the theory to the test!

Emily AbbottComment