Our keepers

Hive & Keeper is different: we bring you honey from beekeepers across the UK for whom beekeeping is a passion, with their invaluable work protecting our natural environment for generations to come. 

Emily Abbott, founder of Hive & Keeper Ltd explains what it's all about

We will only sell honey from beekeepers we’ve visited and talked bees with, and we all have one thing in common, a pride in our bees and their honey.  It's important that they all practice good bee-husbandry and that their honey is free from any chemical treatments the bees might have been given, and only made from nectar - no sugar in there.  It means we can guarantee that all our honeys are 100% bee-made.

I love visiting our beekeepers, I learn so much and get to visit parts of the country I've never been to before.  Some live in the country, others in towns and cities - their apiaries are often hidden away in places you really wouldn't expect to see bees.  It's a reassuring feeling knowing that across the UK there's a network of fabulous beekeepers looking after our bees and that Hive & Keeper is supporting them.