Martin Taylor, Goxhill, Lincolnshire


Martin has been keeping bees for 7 or so years as a hobby. He started by accident really – his wife was the one who was keen and booked herself onto a weekend course, but as soon as they opened a hive she realised thousands of bees weren’t her thing!  So Martin took her place on the Sunday – and the rest is history.  I love visiting them; the live close to the banks of the Humber with four alpacas in their garden next to the bee hives, and a very enthusiastic puppy!  Martin’s bees will have been foraging on oil seed rape in May and then hedgerows, gardens and field bean.  In the oil seed rape season Martin is taking honey from his hives on an almost weekly basis. He keeps each batch separate so that you can see how honey changes as the forage around the apiary changes.  It really does illustrate how unique every honey is, reflecting the weather, forage available and what the bees needed at a particular point in time.  

Emily AbbottComment