Mark Rees, Ramsbury, Wiltshire


Mark has been keeping bees for 7 years, keeping his hives at the bottom of his garden.  I loved my drive through the Wiltshire countryside to find him, passing thatched cottages and timbered houses in pretty villages and leafy lanes. I took a photo of his apiary record card to help me improve my own record keeping - he applies a degree of science to it, which gives a very clear story of each hive during the season. I want to copy it as I think it'll help me to better understand why my own bees behave as they do.  Mark's bees have been busy and he's taken honey four times from one of his hives over a 2 month period. I love this as it really is a brilliant illustration of how honey changes week by week depending on the plants and weather around at the time. Oh the joy of not blending honey! I left Mark's with a loaded car and a bottle of the local beer that also uses Mark's honey - it was a very welcome (and delicious) way to end the day back home!

Emily AbbottComment