Ketil Conway, Lily Hill Berkshire

Ketil Conway lives in Lily Hill, Berkshire in between Ascot and Bracknell.  The honey we have from him comes from the 3 hives he keeps on his garage roof. His bees are one of those suburban surprises that you’d never see unless you looked up at the garage roof!  The bees forage in gardens and the wooded area of Lily Hill, on sweet chestnut and blackberry bushes.  Ketil’s been keeping bees for 6 years and combines it with work and his other hobby of taking part in Viking re-enactments.  He was even in the winning team for ‘Historic Shed of the Year 2016’ building a Viking long house!  My band of tasters could taste dried fruit, fig, date, caramel, and tropical fruit in his honey.

Emily AbbottComment