Kaz Powell, Worthing, Sussex

I was so pleased to find Kaz, she's had such an interesting bee-life that we only had time to touch on it when I visited her at one of her apiaries in woodland near Pulborough. I'm looking forward to visiting her again next season and hearing more! 

Kaz has worked for commercial beekeepers in NZ, Yorkshire & Kent, and found herself scaling cliffs in the Caribbean to try to safely re-house so called 'Africanised 'Killer Bees' that were too close to a parrot protection programme (though I think the bees stayed, despite her best efforts to find them better neighbours!).

She started keeping her own bees 4 years ago and now has hives across Sussex, and is a member of the Bee Farmers Association.  We have spring and summer honeys from bees she keeps in Petworth, Pulborough and Storrington.

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