John & Gayle Schumacher, Yew Tree Lakes, Sussex

gayle and john.jpg

John & Gayle have kept bees on their 25 acres of wild flower meadows for 4 years now and it started due to Gayle's persistent and heavy hints - every Christmas John would get a book on beekeeping as a present!  It was going on a local beekeeping course that finally got them started and now you'd think the bees had always been there, they're a perfect companion to the vibrant wild flower meadows and the lakes' banks.  John took the decision to turn the farmland into fishing lakes back in the early 80’s  and  created a beautiful landscape for fishermen  to come and enjoy.  Gayle's passion has been creating the meadows, first with an enthusiasm for native  wildflowers, and now focused on giving pollinators the habitat they need to thrive in.