Jeremy Smith, Filey, Yorkshire


Jeremy is relatively new to beekeeping but has fallen for it badly and isn't doing anything by halves as far as I can work out! He's a tree surgeon by trade, and then bought hives from a retiring beekeeper and threw himself in.  His 'hobby' is becoming more and more serious, with hives at 4 apiary sites: home, an organic farm where he puts the bees by their organic bean fields, a stately home's grounds and up on the N Yorkshire heather moors. I had a fantastic day with him visiting his apiaries, with the highlight being a trip up to the moors - through Scarborough and up!  It was like a bee-motorway up there.  I've never seen or hard so much activity.  We were captivated and spent ages watching in amazement. I now get why going up to the heather is the highlight of the season for any beekeeper who's lucky enough to be in striking distance of heather.