Emily Abbott, London beekeeper and founder of Hive & Keeper

One of my best childhood memories is sitting in the spring sunshine in our London garden, me, my mum and grandma in a row of deckchairs with the bees buzzing around behind us, sun on our faces, eyes closed, warming our bones.  I think that’s where I trace my bee-love back to!  I took up beekeeping 5 years ago, really because I wanted to have more time just watching what they did and learning about them: but it’s so much more than that. Beekeeping makes me notice the world around me, the weather, looking up to see the signs of rain or overcast and temperatures changing, winds picking up; looking to see how plants and trees are doing in the parks, railway sidings and gardens. I absolutely love my beekeeping for being a total distraction, and for meeting new people and seeing new places you'd never realise bees were kept in!  My beekeeping seasons vary, but each year I learn more, then forget it and re-learn it the next year!  I have to guard against becoming a bee bore....!

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