Eduard Birsan, Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey


Eduard has been keeping bees for 5 years and has gone from 1 to 100 hives in that time!  He keeps his bees in an apiary just behind his house, protected on 3 sides by blackberry bushes which are alive with bees when the blossom is out. He's the bravest of my beekeepers, having his photo taken in shorts and tee shirt surrounded by his bees who weren't in the best of moods given the weather - he did pay the price, but he barely winced!

Eduard and his wife are originally from Moldova and childhood sweethearts. Eduard is also a carpenter and builds all his own hives and equipment, it's a 2 man job, so he employs someone to help him and to learn the trade. It was really interesting talking to Eduard and hearing about the 'portable bee house' he's building - inspired by his Moldovan roots. A project to take him through the beekeeper's quiet winter months!

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