Clive Rogers, Monkmoor, Shrewsbury


No one can doubt Clive's beekeeping credentials, you could have knocked me over with with a feather when he told me he'd been beekeeping for 53 years!  He's retired now (not from beekeeping of course!) and is a regional bee inspector - which sounds like a joke job title, but for us beekeepers the inspectors are vital.  They work for DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and inspect apiaries to make sure we control disease and do all we can to protect ourselves from pests such as the Asian Hornet which devastates bee colonies. Clive keeps his own bees on an allotment near his home - they're obviously in very good hands, though he says he's still learning!   His bees  are close to oil seed rape in May, and then foraging on flowers in the area and along the River Severn in Summer.  His summer honey has a nutty, caramel flavour, with others also tasting hints of spice and citrus.

Emily AbbottComment