Addam Cunniffe, Fox Farm, Amport, Hampshire


Addam Cunniffe is the beekeeper for the Fox Farm estate at Amport, Hampshire. It's a lovely part of the world, with chocolate box villages around the farm, have a look at the picture below to see what I mean. Addam's been a beekeeper for 8 years and is passionate about their welfare. He looks after an apiary of 14 hives set in woodland and the edge of the arable land. We get two honeys from Addam, an early season one taken at the time of the Oil Seed Rape harvest which is a lovely combination of the pale OSR and the 'bite' of the woodland plants too.  At the end of the season his colonies also bring in a good Ivy crop which we have some of too.  Ivy honey is dark and has a strong taste and, like OSR, it crystalises quickly too.  Addam swaers by the ivy honey for keeping him healthy during winter - it's certainly a lovely 'medicine' to be taking!

Emily AbbottComment