Our keepers

Hive & Keeper is different: we bring you honey from beekeepers across the UK for whom beekeeping is a passion, with their invaluable work protecting our natural environment

Jeremy Smith, Filey, Yorkshire

Jeremy is relatively new to beekeeping but has fallen for it badly and isn't doing anything by halves as far as I can work out! He's a tree surgeon by trade, and then bought hives from a retiring beekeeper and threw himself in.

Sue, London

Sue has been keeping bees for 6 years, and has them in a neighbour's back garden by Tooting Common in SW London and on allotments in Chislehurst. I loved visiting the apiaries with Sue

Eduard Birsan, Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey

Eduard has been keeping bees for 5 years and has gone from 1 to 100 hives in that time!  He keeps his bees in an apiary just behind his house, protected on 3 sides by blackberry bushes which are alive with bees when the blossom is out. He's the bravest of my beekeepers,

Mark Rees, Ramsbury, Wiltshire

Mark has been keeping bees for 7 years, keeping his hives at the bottom of his garden.  I loved my drive through the Wiltshire countryside to find him, passing thatched cottages and timbered houses in pretty villages and leafy lanes

Zac Blackmore, Suffolk

Zac started beekeeping 9 years ago and has turned it into a full time hobby.  He keeps his hives in a field just a short walk from his house.  I've seen a few apiaries now, but none as neat